2019 Quepos Billfish Cup - Live Scoring provided by CatchStat.com

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 Team Anglers

Nick LucovMale
Todd BurdageMale
Will WangelMale
Jake SchwareMale
Jamie MahoneyFemale

Team CatchStats 

Angler Count 5
Total Fish Count 4
White Marlin Count 4

 Team Vessel

Vessel Name The Chaser
Manufacturer Mark Willis
Year 1993
Length 54
Home Port
Power Inboard
Engine Mfr CUMMINS
Vessel Website
Captain Dale Gurgo

 Optional Categories

$3k Largest White Marlin
$2k Most Billfish Released
Captain & Crew
$6,000 Daily
$3,000 Overall WTA


AnglerSpeciesCatch Time
Will WangelWhite Marlin4.13.19 12:00:58
Will WangelWhite Marlin4.13.19 10:56:57
Will WangelWhite Marlin4.12.19 02:49:59
Image Nick LucovWhite Marlin4.11.19 12:53:54